Doc Wright is not your average woodworker. His supersized live-edge wood furniture has been getting a lot of attention lately — and for good reason. Doc is unrivaled in his craft, creating gorgeous, oversized custom woodworking for hotels, restaurants, and anyone in the market for a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Doc started out in corporate America, as many entrepreneurs do, but made the switch from his 9-to-5 when he found custom woodworking as an outlet to relieve the stress and routine of his daily grind. Since then, he’s received endless inquiries — nearly overnight. Recently, he’s caught the attention of Europe’s Furniture and Cabinetmaking (F&C) magazine.

F&C interviewed Doc for their May issue and captured his enthralling journey from the cubicle to the workshop. Here’s how his custom woodworking made him a household name.

The Real McCoy of Custom Woodworking

Doc is a self-taught woodworker who wrote the book on creating live-edge, functional, and stunning pieces of custom art.

He truly is the real McCoy. With a background in geology and chemistry, and having entered corporate America right after graduation, Doc had never previously dabbled in custom woodworking until a close friend asked him to build a bench. Naturally, Doc followed his instincts, which resulted in a beautiful handcrafted piece of furniture. 

From there, his creative spark began to grow into what is now his fiery passion. Doc’s latest feature in F&C details his evolution from woodworking hobbyist to high-end, in-demand craftsman.

The Wright Edge On Becoming a Household Name

He discusses some of his most amazing requests — from the Hard Rock Café in Miami to the Delta Hotel in his home state of Texas — and how he develops these exotic masterpieces. Finally, Doc reveals the craftsmanship, strategy, and bit of magic that go into delivering the final product to each client.

Going Against the Grain

F&C has taken such a keen interest in Doc’s work because he’s on the cutting edge of enormous live-edge woodworking. In fact, his work is so large that he had to ship in a special tool from Australia just to lift the pieces, and unlike his peers, he almost exclusively uses hand tools. 

Within the F&C article, Doc explains his process for importing striking pieces of wood. He explains how and why he works to maintain the integrity of each of his commissions by highlighting the natural striations and patterns within the wood.

While the buzz around Doc’s work continues to gain momentum, outlets like Really Big Trees, More Than Home, and The Hustle with Will Harris have recently featured his groundbreaking and distinctive work.

If you’d like to learn more about Doc’s unique custom woodworking pieces, commission a piece for yourself or a corporate space, or simply browse his remarkable portfolio, you can find him at The Wright Edge.