Responsibly Sourced Materials

Why kill something when we can bring life to that which is dead?

We’ll never cut down a live tree to make a table.  We use what others might consider ‘waste’ as the raw materials for our furniture, turning dead, fallen, and disaster trees into beautiful works of art.  

Much of our wood is sourced locally, using regional wood native to the state of Texas. We also have a partnerships with an organization in California that supplies us with some gorgeous exotic woods. 


We waste nothing. Our partners and purveyors are hard-working, roll-up-the-sleeves folks just like us and we give back to local business by sticking with their crafts and services. 

Texas isn’t a logging state, so you don’t see this type of work here. This is very unique for Texas. We do need a special setup to do this. Our shop is in Oak Cliff, entire setup is in Red Oak on 8 acres. 36” band saw that can cut up to 20 feet. We have a state of the art kiln system including a solar kiln for drying wood.”   
– Doc Wright, Owner & Craftsman